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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the list of the more asked questions. We hope you'll found the answer of your interrogation.
If it is'nt, you could contact us.

On-line boutique ?

This site allows you to fill your basket as if you were walking in the store. Choose your articles, validate your order, pay directly with your credit card (Visa or Eurocard) and indicate your adress.
Many thanks to help us to make our site known around you.

Which model for a name ?

Except few rare cases, we don't have difficulty to link the name to the Saint (or Blissful when not yet canonised).
Sometimes, the first name is a derivative or a translation of the Saint's original(ex: Myriam or Maria for Marie). Othertime, the Saint is masculine or a feminin name (ex: holy Alban for Albane) and reciprocally. One wait for her / him !
Composed names: If the Saint doesn't yet exist, you can choose between the saints of the two names.
One can also join a first name to a particular saint to which he/she is attached. To be specified in the order.
In all these cases, the requested name is mentionned on the left top side of the work (ex: John-Paul) with the holy Boss (or Blissful) below on the right (John).

Which canvas to choose ?

For the complete kits, 3 DMC canvases are available: - 32 cp/inch linen natural color (beige), 18 cp/inch Aïda white and 14 cp/inch Aïda. The first 2 canvases, finer, require more concentration. Canvas Aïda 5.5 is recommended for people appreciating to work on a widened plot and beginners. Without precision, that one is provided.

Why don't you make ads in magazine?

The advertisements are very expensive. Our best publicity comes from our clients, usually very satisfied.
We are of course open to any free report.

Which kit to order ?

Wish you a kit ready to be stitched, order the "Full" kit. As its name means it, it contains anything needed : Color and black/white symbols grids, needle, choosen DMc canvas, DMC threads, note of explanation and commentary on model, all under simple and convenient packing.
Are you used to stitch on your own canvas, opt for the "Threads" kit, which doesn' contain the fabric.
And if you stitch often and have all your own material, just choose the "Chart" kit and get the pleasure to realize one of our model.

Any different language ?

Our native language is french. We try to do our best in english (don't hesitate to give a help). For other languages, we are not able to give a translation but we can mentionned any name on grids... provided that you give it to us (and translation of saint if wished).

Personnalisation ?

This concerns some models (samplers and some of the festival models). It is merely about adding at the bottom the short text of your choice (date of wedding, birthday, name of the couple, etc.). A grid of letters are provided for that purpose. Don't forget to redefine the middle point.
Some examples: "Antoine baptized April 29, 2001", "born Claire February 13, 2000", "Profession of faith of François May 24, 2001", "Marriage of Clotilde and Peter April 25, 1987",...

Can the children easily cross-stitch ?

To cross-stitch, only patience and some skill are necessary! Above 10 years old, there is usually no problem, provided that the child is interested and motivated. We recommend to begin with the 5.5. Aïda canvas and to start with an easy model (avoid the alphabet book Lamb !).

What about the delivery time?

Around 10-12 days after receiving payment, apart periods of vacations (winter and summer holydays). Usually, the fact to order on line, including payement, makes the realizatin starts the same day.
For a new model of saint boss, some more days can be necessary.

How to reach you ?

The best way is to use "contact us". We only sell by correspondance, having no store. This does not prevent us from having more than 2000 customers since 10 years.

Where come the goods from ?

All the work (drawing, realization of the model then the kit) is fully done in France, west side of the country.
But we have no store. All products are sold by correspondance.

Delivery out of France ?

No problem of course, provided that Post exists in your country ! We have sold in all continents up to now, from Japan up to Argentina.

How to pay ?

Please by online credit card (Visa / Eurocard). It is secured and it is so simple. Checks will cost you an added 20 euros since we are charged for any non french check.

Does A Piq'Point make only religious models ?

Yes, up to now but we are happy with that choice which is in line with our vision.